Inverter Solar Power System 10KW

Solar photovoltaic system engineering overview

The 150KW project of the Philippine Photovoltaic Power Plant Phase I was designed by Zhongshan Daqin Electric Co., Ltd.

The main operation process is: photovoltaic panel → combiner box → inverter → step-up transformer → 35KV switch cabinet → on-grid power generation.

The construction of this project is carried out by the electrical site of Daqn Company.

- The panels combine energy, absorb sunlight to create direct current (DC) connected to the PV combo box.

- The PV combo box amplifies the maximum power output to the built-in AC driver for charging or storage to the power bank (power battery)

- Electric Excavator integrated charger converts direct current (DC) to alternating current

- Direct current (DC) from the reserve unit directly for electric devices (DC) or from the built-in Excitation Unit charger for alternating current (AC) devices

Advantages of installing  package solar power system:

- Create an independent power source, bring quiet and fresh, clean green and protect the environment.

- Solar does not require any fuel, long life with a long warranty period.

- Fully automatic operation, simple installation, does not change the existing electrical design.

- Provides continuous power even when the power grid is cut, helping you save money on electricity for your family monthly.

- The inverter's working mode is fully automatic, has a monitor screen to control the system and has timely error alerts when something goes wrong.

- Absolutely safe, do not worry about electric shock, fire if only using DC equipment.

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